KROHNE's FLOW Youth Program – Requirements

Who is eligible?

Any child of a KROHNE employee between the ages of 14 and 19 who still lives at home and is entitled to maintenance. In other words, the child may not already have a career of his/her own.

What is the destination?

Participants may state a preference to travel to a country of particular interest to him/her. However, in keeping with the philosophy of the project, the child must be prepared to travel to any of the offered locations, if for any reason the preferred location is not available.

Do you speak KROHNE?

Obviously, knowledge of the host country language facilitates integration. This is, however, not a prerequisite to participate in the programme. Basic knowledge of English (school English) is a must.

What if something happens?

There is always a KROHNE contact person for the children - before, during and after the exchange - both at home and in the host country.

What happens after the exchange is finished?

After the exchange, all participants are encouraged to report about their experiences.

Who organises FLOW and when will the project start?

Regina Pafel is the project manager and can answer any questions related to FLOW.