Enabling technology – reproducible measurements despite of gas entrainment

Many of our customers have tried traditional Coriolis measurement for two phase flow, but were not satisfied with the results back then.

Now, with the functionality of OPTIMASS EGM™ entrained gas management for Coriolis massflow and density measurement many applications should be reconsidered.

The following applications have been resolved to the satisfaction of our clients:

  • Chocolate with air
  • Ice cream frozen and aerated
  • Pre-dough for bread
  • Spinach
  • Emptying drums of tomato concentrate
  • Raw milk reception
  • Mayonnaise
  • Meat
  • Pet food

Put us to the test – we look forward to it!

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MFC 400 converter

Enabler of EGM™  by synthesized drive control - superior density measurement

Immune to 2-phase flow: Sporadic air entrainment, slug flow, homogeneously distributed flow and pulp




Ice cream